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10 Steps To Building A Custom Home

  1. Meet with Jeffery Homes
    • Tailor custom home exterior elements and interior features to make your home exclusively ‘yours’
    • Set and respect your budget and timelines
    • Forge a strong relationship that shows through in the final product
  2. Establish a Realistic Budget
    • Account for the ‘extra’ items that are not part of the build cost: the lot purchase and taxes, development charges, septic and well (if applicable), hydro connection, landscaping, appliances, furniture, HST and any other moving costs or incidentals

10 steps - interior cabinetry photo

  1. Find the Perfect Lot and Purchase the Land
    • When considering a lot, we’ll be happy to walk the property with you and provide our opinion as it relates to building and living on the space
    • Consider the price of the lot, and ensure that you will have budget remaining after the land purchase to build the house that you envision
  2. Site Preparation
    • Plan for utility connections, the placement of the home on the lot, designating the driveway location
    • Any additional clearing of the lot that may be required
    • Most lots will need grading to ensure proper drainage, which is crucial and not to be overlooked

10 steps - exterior raised deck photo

  1. Designing Your Home
    • Number of bathrooms and bedrooms, type of entertaining space required
    • The style you like, your top priorities and areas where compromise can be considered
  2. Participate Throughout the Build
    • Find the proper balance to be involved without obstructing the work of tradespeople and crews
    • Keep a meeting schedule to stay up-to-date on the progress and day-to-day decisions
    • Plan site visits at the end of each stage of construction, any questions or issues can be immediately addressed

10 steps - backyard raised deck and docks photo

  1. Choosing Finishes
    • With the guidance of our experts, homeowners decide on virtually everything including bathtubs, sinks, plumbing and lighting fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, paint, railings, fireplaces, roofing colours, siding, brick and stone
  2. Maintain Clear Communication Between Client and Builder
    • Keep one another updated on changes and concerns
    • There will always be alterations, corrections and modifications along the way, but keeping all parties informed makes everyone happy and less stressed

10 steps - kitchen photo

  1. Move Into Your Dream Home
    • There may be things that need tweaking in the first days and weeks in your home, as everything gets tested
    • Let us know of any needed adjustments
    • Our attention to detail and commitment to satisfaction does not end when we hand you the keys
  2. After the Move-In
    • Completing projects such as the driveway, a deck or patio, and possibly fencing and landscaping are often the homeowner’s next priorities
    • We are here to assist with these extra projects as well

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Pre-approval from your lender and an initial deposit of approximately 50K (it will vary by project).

Inspiration for and selection of features and finishes in building your dream home.

Yes, our model home at 424 Northglen Boulevard in Bowmanville is upgraded to our custom home standards.

It will take approximately a 12 month timeframe from the plan concept to turnkey move-in.

Yes we do.

It varies by project.

Yes, you need to have a lot purchased or in mind.

We can handle the demolition of an existing house or structure that is on your purchased piece of land. This can be discussed during an initial consultation.

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